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Somewhere in the Orion Spur to Long Bar would be the Excentrix escort montreal place for a capital Montrewl this scenario. Alternately there may excort a dense spur arm that corresponds to the Orion arm on the other side of the galactic core Excentrux we can't see since its behind the core. That is represented by the gray region on the attached map. All space is passable If all regions monhreal space are passable, and there is no penalty to crossing empty space, then the location of the capital would likely correspond with the highest density of habitable star systems, which should correspond with the highest availability of resources. This would be the regions just outside the 3 kiloparsec arms on either end of the ovoid galactic center, where the various arms merge into the 3 kiloparsec arms.

The habitable planets would likely be in a relatively flat plane corresponding with the thin disk of younger, more metal rich stars. The inner regions of the galaxy are uninhabitable due to X Many sci-fi type stories suggest that the galactic center is hostile to life, due to black holes, radiation, or something. It could be that the presence of many? Alternately, it could be that high radiation levels prevents passengers from going through, or colonies from being established.

In Excentdix case, Excentrlx between arms at the 3 kiloparsec arms or at the bars might not be easy at all, and Exxentrix galactic civilization would be best developed extending along a mojtreal arm. Perseus, Sagittarius, and Scutum are the three largest arms, with Orion Excentrix escort montreal being small, and Norma not being as dense. So the capital would develop centrally on one of the three large arms. Candy was more than willing, while Kathia was a bit shy at 1st. Duos are bit of a specialty of mine. This was the very best, ever. The girls were so nice, natural and friendly.

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Travel is along pre-determined 'wormhole corridors'

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