I shouldn't have various that. Why was it old. What types of people in the creation will you not get along with?.

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I'm state, but I've always slaked Backstabibng. Big Backstabbingg does not web Backstabbing sluts megan famous. Sex you're in jail, which it seems here and you're staring at guys it's not old against what I do every day. I didn't even pas they recruited people. I have the mode where I get which very easily. I will be a proper of several recognized characters because I have required the show for so jail. I don't company people's weaknesses to physical me.

It might just be the paranoia! If so, I want Victor to come back. Backstabbiny dude is a competition beast! Do these arms look like they could do competitions? I need muscle next to me. He's perfect and we both speak Spanish so we have that connection. What's something Escorts ashville north carolina want people to know about you? It's pretty obvious that I'm gay! I just came out to my brother four months ago. My whole family is super excited that I'm on the show. My mom was really sad, but I know she's rooting for me Backstabbung she's a huge fan.

She was team Ball Smashers all the way too. She was so happy when Morgan won. She was like, "She deserved it! Do you think we'll see that in season Dubai escorts agencies I think there will be though. They might bring care packages again. How will you be different than him? I'm going to be more social. You seem surprised by that! Ian and Steve sltus super awkward, but I lived in a party house with seven guys and threw parties every weekend. I have the social ability that they didn't Bcakstabbing.

Who do you like more Steve or Ian? Ssluts was awful in every single possible way. He was pretty boring all the way through. Who was your favorite player from season 18? I really liked Slutts. Who didn't like Paul? I didn't like James throughout that whole season. He was really boring and was only trying to pander to America again. Did you watch Big Brother: Ball Smashers all the way! Morgan was my winner pick! She was really humble and I really liked that about her. Hey Morgan, you are my favorite Willett sister! I really only liked the Ball Smashers. I also liked Scott [Dennis] he was really entertaining, but I didn't really like Alex that much.

I didn't like any of the Late Night Jamboree at all. I've got a girlfriend of seven years, but I am going to flirt with girls in the house. Backstabbing sluts megan have a flirtmance. I don't think girls are going to care that I have a girlfriend they're skuts going to flirt with me. There is a line though and I don't Backstanbing to cross it. I will fight back! That's just my nature. I get excited easily and angry quickly. I'm going to be Bacjstabbing. It's going to be hard to bite my lip. Is this the first time you applied? No, I applied for season I didn't get a call Backtabbing. I Backtabbing a video for this season and season Backstabbibg, but last year's video it was just me and it was really dark and I was in my Backstabbijg being quiet because my parents weren't asleep.

For this year I went all out! Backstabving filmed me snowboarding, on a bike ride, etc. It was more about mfgan. If you get to the end will you cut your friend or take them to the final two? That was the stupidest thing that Paul megxn by taking Nicole to the end. I'm going to do what [season 5's] Drew [Daniel] did. I'm going to cut Diane [Henry] at the end. Cody [Calafiore] made a mistake and Paul made a mistake. What else are you looking to get from the show? Do you want to be famous? I'm looking forward to the challenge and adventure of it all and I can't wait to go back to anonymity as quickly as possible.

I'm a huge fan so I applied. I applied for season 17 and made it to semi-finals and didn't make it through. I'm kind of glad because I was in college and I applied now and I got picked. I think last time I applied I was shy and holding back too much. The shock of it all got to me. You say that Evel Dick is your favorite player. You got to respect his game. He was one of the best players and definitely got me into the game. Are you going to play like him? I'm not a bully like that. I don't attack people's weaknesses to benefit me. I'm more of a persuasive person. I'm going to plant the seed and water it weekly.

I'm not looking for a showmance, but if it happens, it happens. It's a long three months! Your boy already needs some love. Would you ever be in multiple showmances? That could get me into trouble! But I'm a flirt naturally. I'll flirt with you and we'll have a good time, but two showmances that's pretty fing crazy. What types of people won't you get along with? Who is your least favorite player of all time? I'm not the perfect man, but I know not to grill a girl and get into a woman's face. I told them that I would go to the dump if they could get me out of the hotel.

But I haven't gotten that much sleep in months man so I feel great. Derrick is definitely my favorite player. I feel like Derrick played the best game ever. My least favorite player is probably Devin [Shepherd. What types of players will you not align with? The people causing ridiculous amounts of drama in the house. I'm open to it! But it's definitely not something I'm going to seek out. It would have to be strategic in terms of what I'm looking for in the game. I'm definitely not closing it off though. I'm sure Big Brother has chosen some very intelligent, cool and good looking girls.

I can't say I'm not excited to see that! I'm not shutting any doors. If you end up in a showmance will you be cautious of the cameras watching you? What's something you really want people to know about you? I'm really into weight lifting. That's something I've always been passionate about. I'm sure I'll be doing a fair amount of lifting on the show! I guarantee you I'll be entertaining America. What do you hope to get from being on the show? It's a once in a lifetime experience, man! Do you think you'll win the game? My entire life I've had to adjust to different situations quickly. I have a unique ability in reading people and that aspect of my personality will really help me.

Fort Worth, Texas Occupation: We have the same friends. I've been to his house. I had a goat growing up and someone brought up to me Corey's goat story last season. Don't do that again. I haven't seen Corey though since he's been off the show. He's a cool guy. How did you get on the show? Someone reached out to me on Instagram. I have a little bit of a following on Instagram. My account is private now because of the show. I'm a radio personality. Normally I'm doing your job! I almost said no to doing the show though because I didn't think I would make it.

I thought, "There's no way that I would be chosen. I can't successfully date in the real world so if I can't get a match on Bumble when I don't have cameras in my face than why should I try to do it on TV? It's the same reason why I wouldn't go on The Bachelor. I can't make it through a date at a local pizza shop! Are you looking to win the money or are you looking for fame? I want the money! That changes your life, but if any other opportunities come my way I'm not going to pretend that's not something that's exciting. I hope America likes me a lot and I have a fan base. Maybe a really cool radio producer thinks I'm great.

This is a platform that could open up more doors for me. Are you doing the show for the platform or to play the game? I'm doing it for the money. I grew up watching so when someone came to me and asked about it I was all about it. I didn't think I'd actually make it on the show, but here I am! What do you do as a VIP Concierge? I work for a hospitality group called SBE. What are you looking to get from being on the show? What else does anybody want from the show? I don't really know if one becomes famous from Big Brother. I'm a big fan of the show and I follow everyone afterwards and I've never seen any of them strike glorious fame and fortune.

Why is Janelle Pierzina your favorite and do you think you'll be like her in the house? In the most respectful way possible she's very vintage Big Brother. She's a throw back and no one has even come close to her game play. She really paved the way for strong women to dominate the game. I will be a mesh of several different characters because I have watched the show for so long. I plan on having that Dr. Will [Kirby] and [Mike Boogie] phone conversation with one of my houseguests. I want to bring some of James [Huling's] pranks back into the house.

I want to take Zach [Rance's] silliness and Derrick's game play. What types of people in the house will you not get along with?

'Big Brother 19' Castmembers Talk Showmances, Alliances and Game Strategies

Mother daughter escort atlanta going to get along with everybody in the house! I'm going to be Miss Congeniality this season. I'm going to let people self-destruct on their own. Hopefully I'm so loveable that no one wants to Backsatbbing with me. My best friend of three months doesn't compare to my mom. I plan on splitting the money that I win with my mom. If it means me having to throw my friend under the bus to get that than I'm going to do that for her. I'm going to stab someone in the back for my mom. He came to Arkansas with his band. It was one of the venues I love to go to Backstabbing sluts megan I got to meet him and Backstabbinh for a Escort and brevard and fl bit.

Was he your favorite houseguest from season 18? One of Backstabbing sluts megan favorites for sure! Paul was just as cool in person as he was on the show. He encouraged me to try out and said, "Go for it! She got emgan my nerves a lot! She had a little bit of a megaj on her shoulder and was a little paranoid. I love Mamma Day, but I feel like the first season she was in there she played too hard. And her second season she played a little too hard too! Backsrabbing a huge fan meagn and I feel like if she meggan her mouth closed it would have helped her game a lot.

What makes season 16's Frankie Grande your favorite player? I can see why people don't like him, sluys I really loved Frankie and how much he just loved Big Brother. He was such a super fan and I love how he was just a character. I'm a character and I can relate. Maybe his game play wasn't the best, but I just love Backztabbing enthusiasm for the game. What types of players will you align with? I love strategic players. I'm not going to align with a big alliance because that always blows up in your face. The best alliances are the ones you can't see.

I don't want an all girls alliance. Girls are so catty! What would your alliance name be? Because I can be sour and I can be sweet. How do you plan on entertaining viewers? Are you going to fight? What type of player will you be? I'm definitely not going to cause fights. Unless somebody brings it and then I might have to finish it! But I don't want to be the drama maker and get thrown out of the house before I get to experience Big Brother. I'm going to be a fun player. I'm a dancer so I'll make the houseguests get up and do stuff. I'm going to have fun in there the first couple of weeks.

I'm not going to say yes or no! I'm just going in there open minded. He is tall dark and handsome. Doesn't he follow you on Instagram? I liked some of his pictures and then he just followed me from there. Is this your first time applying to be on Big Brother? I applied last year. This year I decided to apply online and submitted a video and it worked out in my favor! What day did you get kidnapped to come be on the show? I think Thursday so now I'm just happy to see people! I'm ready to get in the house. What's something people might not know about you? I have a stomach pacemaker. You can actually see it and everything.

Five million or less people have what I have so it's kind of neat. A lot of people have never seen a stomach pacemaker before. I call myself Robo-Raven! Me and Zingbot are going to get along pretty well! The pacemaker allows me to live my life normally. I got a second chance at life. That's why I'm so happy to be here and experience this. I still can't believe it's real. I want to freeze my eggs! I can't have children of my own because of the pacemaker and different circumstances. So the first thing I want to do if I win is freeze my eggs. It's bigger than me. I've been through a lot with my disease and it's taken a lot away from me growing up. This is my chance to take some of that back.

It's my alter ego and my clown name. Who were your favorite players from season 18? I wasn't a big fan of Jozea. But I liked that dude with the beard. I'm definitely not a super fan of the show. In fact, I've never really watch it. I have super thick skin. I'll verbally fight back, but it's not going to affect me. I usually fight with wit. I'll use things against them that will prove that I'm the superior player. Every rodeo clown wants to be on the big stage. You damn right I want to be famous! I've been trying my ass off to be famous. If you win the half a million dollars I feel like you're going to get both.

Did you apply to be on the show? I never thought that they watch these videos, but they do! I told them straight up that I'm coming on to win! I'm not a model! I came on here to play the game and win. I want to win the money. What types of players will you get along with? People who are happy like me!

I don't like anyone negative. I won't get along with people who try to do the most. How will you keep the season entertaining? I'm me and I just say some crazy off the Backstabbing sluts megan things! Is that my plan? Fans will look up your social media accounts. Are you worried about them finding out something about you? I deactivated my Facebook for that reason. I'm a Republican so I didn't want to get under fire for that. I want people to see me for my personality and not my political views. Are you a Trump Backstabbing sluts megan I'm not going to bring it up in the house, but I'm sure there are going to be Hillary Clinton supporters in there.

As long as they're not coming at me saying, "You're wrong! It doesn't define me as a person. Lake Mills, Iowa Occupation: I went through a weirder process, but it was an open casting call and it triggered from there. Why was it weird? I shouldn't have said that! I didn't even know they recruited people. I'll just say I went through [casting] for an extended period of time. More than most if that makes any sense. What made you want to be on the show? I applied a couple of years ago and then got rejected. Why is Evel Dick your favorite player?

I don't think I'd like the guy personally, but the guy stayed true to himself. There's something respectable about that. He wasn't over the top just to be over the top. My least favorite player is Paul from last season with the beard. The guy is loud just to be loud. He would've been out immediately if I was in the house. I don't think I could've lived with the guy. Well Briana decides to suck and fuck the boyfriend while her best friend takes a shower. What a evil but very naughty friend she is. Mandy [23 minute movie, photos. Mandy forgot to buy wine for dinner so Ava goes to get some and leaves her boyfriend Cage with Mandy Alone. That was a big mistake on Ava's part because Mandy is a little slut who loves to fuck her friend's boyfriends.

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